Our Aims & Approach

  • We are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands. Our aim is to bring a swift end to the inhumane visiting bans that have torn us apart from our loved ones, denied them family love and care for over a year, and robbed many of the will to live. Please support our fight!
  • While we might differ in our approach, we want to work in harmony with all groups and individuals campaigning for an end to care home visiting bans, including pioneering care home managers who have been facilitating visits and sharing best practice.
  • We do not want to fuel divisions between relatives and care providers and support efforts to build bridges and understanding. However, we will not be holding back from criticising providers where such criticism is merited.
  • We support and celebrate all care managers and care staff who believe visiting bans should be lifted and who are doing everything in their power to facilitate family visits through testing and other infection control measures.
  • We support and celebrate all care managers and staff that have pulled out the stops to continue delivering meaningful, person-centred care in what are exceptionally difficult circumstances. They are our heroes.
  • However, we will speak out against care providers that continue to erect barriers to visiting, those known to be ignoring government guidelines on EOL and other essential visits, those abusing their authority, or who are failing in their duty to care for our relatives.
  • We support lobbying government and MPs but feel that while this has been successful in raising awareness and getting much needed support for the campaign, that it hashit a brick wall in terms of delivering meaningful change.
  • Our aim is to build a network of local supporters across the UK who will work together to organize and co-ordinate peaceful protests and action once Lockdown is lifted, and help raise public awareness of what CAN be done to facilitate safe visiting.

 If you agree with our aims and approach, we would love to welcome you on board. Please follow us and contribute to our campaign in whatever way you feel you can. Time is of the essence. Our loved ones are depending on us. 

We will be launching a FB page this week to share information, knowledge, campaign tools and videos, and to co-ordinate activities. Watch this space!