Mothers Denied Visits on Mothering Sunday

This Sunday, families across the UK will be celebrating Mother’s Day. Flowers will be bought, cakes baked, and gifts delivered. Mums will be hugged, kissed, and generally spoilt rotten, as they deserve to be. Yet for many mums in care homes, no such fuss will be made of them.

Mums will be hugged, kissed, and generally spoilt rotten, as they deserve to be. In many Care Homes, Mother’s Day visits are banned!

One year on from the first Lockdown, many will be facing another Mothering Sunday alone. Not because their families don’t care but because their care homes deem it an inconvenience to facilitate. Despite the relaxation of visiting restrictions from Monday 8th March, we are receiving reports of care homes banning all visits on Mother’s Day.

Excuses, excuses!

Their excuse? There are many and most are invalid. “We don’t have the  capacity”, “We haven’t had time to plan for it”, “There would be too many wanting visits to accommodate all of them”. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Home manager Dawn Bunter from Iceni House in Norwich has been planning for Mother’s Day for weeks and has around 20 families booked in for visits that day! If homes like can facilitate visits, why can’t other homes? 

The Last Mother’s Day for Many Denied Love

For many mothers, already locked away for over a 1 year, this will be their last. Where’s the ‘care’? Where’s the compassion?

By opening up their homes to families on Mother’s Day, these homes could show they really do care for their residents, that families are once again welcome.

By shutting them out on this special day, they have lost that opportunity.
Instead of putting smiles on their resident mums’ faces, instead of bringing tears of joy to sons and daughters, instead of furnishing happy memories, these killjoys have chosen to dig in their heels and bring further heartbreak and suffering to families.

As if we had not suffered enough! Shame on them!

Please join with us on Mother’s Day in tweeting a picture of your loved one and details of any contact you have been graciously (!)  “allowed”.
Our mums are special.
Locked out, or welcomed in, we will NOT forget them on this special day!