Why Our Campaign Matters

Our Campaign

Why it matters

We are campaigning to bring a swift end to the inhumane illegal visiting bans in care homes. These bans have torn us apart from our loved ones, denied them family love and care for over a year, and robbed many of the will to live. Thousands have died alone, not only from Covid-19, but from the consequences of enforced isolation and emotional starvation, others from medical neglect.

Why lobbying alone is not enough

Ongoing discussions with government and other organisations over the last year have not resulted in any meaningful change to visiting access. We were assured that come March 8, when the Government’s new guidelines came into force, we would be reunited with our loved ones. Yet little has changed. The majority of us remain locked out and our loved ones locked in.  We are determined to end this suffering, save lives, and bring justice for our loved ones.

Campaign friends

While our approach may differ from other campaigns, we are eager to work alongside other groups and individuals to achieve our aims. This includes the pioneering managers and staff who have been facilitating and actively promoting family visits. They are our heroes.

Campaign foes

However, we  will not hold back from speaking out against care providers that continue to erect barriers to visiting and ignore government guidelines on Essential Care Givers, EOL and other essential visits. They are abusing their authority and are failing in their duty to care for our relatives. We will challenge them openly and directly. 

Our demands

We believe that with the vaccine roll out near to completion, the provision of testing kits and PPE, there is no longer any valid reason to restrict visiting access, either in terms of frequency or duration. We therefore demand the urgent lifting of all visiting restrictions and legislative change to ensure the deprivation of residents’ visiting rights is never allowed to happen again. This will require families to be recognised as essential carers and for their visiting rights to be enshrined in law.  

The road ahead

The purpose of this Facebook group is to build a network of supporters across the UK who will work together to ensure those demands are met. As we move out of Lockdown, we  will be organizing and co-ordinating a series of legal, peaceful civil actions across the UK to exert public pressure on Government. For those supporters unable or unwilling to engage in civil action, we encourage you to help us increase public awareness of what CAN be done to facilitate safe visiting and to champion our cause.

Call to action

If you agree with our aims and approach, please join us and contribute to our campaign in whatever way you feel you can. Time is of the essence. Our loved ones are depending on us and they are depending on you.


Amanda Hunter and Jane Smith (co-founders of Unlock Care Homes)