Windmill Care Home Review

You could be forgiven for wondering if the marketing tagline for Windmill Care is a sick joke

” Residential and specialist dementia care for older people. Person-centred and compassionate, always.”

Jane Smith’s mum is 94 years old. She’s a resident at Windmill House Care Home, Alveston Road, Old Down, Tockington, Bristol BS32 4PH.
Windmill House care home You can see the nice looking Windmill House building and grounds in the photo. It looks lovely. 

Jane’s mum has an aortic abdominal aneurysm, which means that she could die at any time.
Jane’s mum has been designated, ‘End of Life’. Under NHS guidelines, this is accepted to mean, within the last year of life.  
Jane is permitted only a 1 hour per week visit and this has to be facilitated and supervised.

Hear Jane’s own account of the intransigence of Windmill Care Home.
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Video transcription

Amanda Hunter:
It’s very clear in the guidelines that ‘End of Life’, is to be  construed as within the last year of life. Noby can know when somebody is going to die, However, a lot of care homes are not accepting this. They interpreting the guidelines s they see fit. They’ll say to you, “Well we don’t care what the guidelines say, for us end of life is the last 48 hours.

Jane Smith:
Mum is end of life. And she’s locked away in Windmill House. And they won’t let me visit today. I saw here on Monday because she was meant to moving to a new care home. But because there’s now a new outbreak of Covid here, they won’t let me in. NHS guidance says I have access even if she’s end of life, even if she’s got Covid, But they won’t let me in! This is my mum. She could die anytime of an aortic Abdominal aneurism, and I want to see her! I need to see her! To hold her hand! Somebody please help me get in there. 
It’s psychological torture. It’s cruelty. It’s barbaric. Thank you.

Jane and Amanda are Co-founders of Unlock Care Homes Campaign

National Newspaper Coverage

The Daily Mail Newspaper have brought a welcome national media coverage to the scandal of some Care Homes’ high handed behaviour. On 13th March, ahead of Mother’s Day, a  phone call from the newspaper by @RalphBlackburn resulted in the Care Home phoning Jane 2 hrs later to confirm a 1hr Mothers Day visit. The journalist’s call seemed to prompt Windmill House to permit Jane to visit her mother. After much heartache, a lovely visit happened. See the tweeted video clip below.

Jane was previously interviewed by the Daily Mail in December 2020 where the terrible toll of virtual contact was shown to have been hugely damaging to Rita. The harrowing video featuring Jane and her mum, where Rita cries out in pain and distress, calling for her daughter, is a shocking moment.


Rita’s care requires 24-hour support at the care home. Before Covid lockdown, Jane would regularly visit for up to three hours a day. She was able to coax her mum to take medication. Family carers have a unique bond and play a crucial role in the well-being of their loved ones, as Dawn Bunter, Care home manager at Iceni House Care Home makes clear.