Protest Care Parliament SQ 29th March 

To mark the easing of Lockdown restrictions, we staged our first legal protest in Parliament SQ. and locally for Jane, in Thornbury High Street.  Small gatherings, but we got the attention of the public and engaged passers-by on the main issues – the most important being that while restrictions may have been partially lifted for us on the outside, for those locked inside care homes, nothing has changed. Jane protest stall Thornbury

30 minute visit Once a Week

Still, one year on from the start of visiting restrictions being imposed, far too many residents are still being denied meaningful visits.  For most, the best they can hope for is a 30-minute weekly visit in a designated room from ONE family member.  Many homes are still only facilitating pod and screened visits. This is unacceptable. We will continue to make the case for the total lifting. of all restrictions on care home visiting and hope you will join us when the we stage further protests in the weeks ahead.  

Best Practice

The idea that Care Homes are protecting the elderly from Covid and need harsh restrictions is exposed by best practice care home managers like Dawn Bunter of Iceni House Care Home

Dawn is researching Essential Family Carer practices. She’s looking at who has had to “apply” for EFC status and the extent of imposed time limits placed upon visiting.
Dawn says, ‘At the care home I manage, we have designated all family as EFC since last year and I would love to know how these care homes have designated as such and why?’

Help Dawn with your Experience

Dawn is hoping to take this information further and establish specific reasoning and justification. 
If you input your experience of your care homes policies, what they’ve stipulated, Dawn would really appreciate you contacting her. She hopes to send her research to Care Quality Commission CQC and also our lovely Minister for Social Care in the next few weeks. See Unlock Care Homes Facebook group here
Thank you all in advance.